Best ROI Home Improvements for Your Home

Best ROI Home Improvements for Your Home

California is a haven for fantastic real estate opportunities. Whether you are selling your house, or want to settle into your forever home, making improvements is usually worth the effort. However, where should you begin? With the constant rotation of interior design trends to contend with, it can feel risky to make major changes that could go out of style, thus hurting your investment. Even if there is an overall vision for the improvements, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the options available.

The following improvements can have a major impact on the return on interest, increasing home valuation. Here is a list of the upgrades that yield the best return on investment for home improvement.

Spruce up the exterior

We all know curb appeal is a key factor in real estate. Consider it a first impression of the house, engaging the attention of passersby or possible buyers to advertise the potential of the house as a whole. With this in mind, giving attention to the home's exteriors will pay off. According to a 2022 Remodeling Impact Report conducted by the National Association of Realtors, homeowners saw a 100% return on investment on exterior renovations such as new roofing and garage doors. No one wants to purchase a home looking run down with peeling paint, a dented garage door, or an outdated front door.

As a homeowner, having a property with a fabulous exterior can spark pride in the house, prompting a desire to show the home at its best. Many homeowners have seen an amazing return on investment by repainting the front of their house, updating light fixtures, fixing the front porch, and even trading out the front door to create a cohesive, inviting visual. In terms of considering the return on investment, cleaning up the exterior will make potential buyers more inclined to explore the rest of the house.

Transform your garden space

An extension of the exterior of the home is the landscaping. When considering two beautiful homes, people will be more inclined towards the house with a well-done lawn, clean pathways, and well-tended hedges. This is an unconventional but highly encouraged form of creativity that can make for an eye-catching property.

The glory of landscaping is that it is just as adaptable to style as interiors. There will always be a benefit to a manicured front lawn and some elegant shrubbery. However, there are opportunities for a keen gardener or landscaper to add intentionality and design. Consider the style of the home. If it is more modern and contemporary, having a minimalist pathway leading up to the house, or a collection of a variety of plants native to California, will enhance the exterior.

The backyard is yet another space where landscape design can enhance the value of the home. This area is a private oasis for homeowners to enjoy. It can have a small herb garden, contain an outdoor living room area, or a table for backyard dinner parties. Being creative shows intentionality and makes homeowners more inclined to stay home and enjoy the outdoors.

Freshen up the bathroom

Bathrooms are a private sphere where individuals can relax and get ready. Whether an en suite, a full bath, or a powder room downstairs, this room can become outdated quickly and benefits from the renovation. When marking a home valuation, new appliances, bathrooms, and kitchens are usually prime factors. Bringing your bathroom up-to-date pays off when you focus on the key details. Appliances, lighting, and design are the heart of what makes a good bathroom. For homebuyers, an appealing bathroom can make or break a sale.

The shower, faucet, and toilet are the foundations of the room, if those are done well, it anchors the rest of the renovation. Lighting is another detail that cannot be ignored. Avoid harsh overhead lighting, and substitute for track lighting, sconces, or other warmer forms of light.

Finally, there is design. Changing the floor and shower tiles, replacing the shower door, adding a unique wallpaper, repainting, switching out hardware, adding storage for towels, putting up artwork, creating a small spa station, and changing the mirror are all excellent options for transforming the space.

Update the heart of the home

If you want a massive return on investment, remodel the kitchen. It is the heart of the home, the gathering space, the connecting point where individuals love to spend time, so why not invest in it? With an average of between 50%-75% return, homeowners can receive maximum ROI while also benefiting from a fabulous kitchen.

Updates to the space can range from minor changes like switching the hardware, repainting, changing the counters, and adding shelving to gutting the room and starting afresh.

Make it worth the investment

Real estate has always been a respected form of investment. To undergo any form of renovation, especially major changes, can seem like a risk. However, the California real estate market has been a frontrunner in proving the potential of renovating homes. The glowing statistics are a testament to the success of freshening up houses, whether for personal residence, rentals, or preparation for sale. California is bursting with amazing homes that are ripe for renovation. For a chance to look at the listings available, be sure to reach out to Dayna Summers at Boutique Real Estate.

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